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Friday, May 7, 2010

More Cheap Slippers!!

I was so proud of myself for having found simple and elegant looking slippers (AND non-slip) for $2.90 a pair some time back. I think I bought 6 pairs back then. 3 pairs for me and 3 for The Daughter. As Milo went through his teething phase, he chewed up all 6. We salvaged bits and pieces undigested in his poo.

I went back to the store to get more pairs only to be told that stocks had run out and they had problems getting new stocks. I was so sad that I went and binged on 6 other pairs of slippers at the same price (ALSO non-slip) but quite quite ugly. They had all sorts of fantastical designs that Petunia will only wear because she rarely looks down at her feet.

But TODAY... aaaaah... TODAY.... I found my beloved slippers again. I bought 8 pairs in different sizes. Each family member has 2 pairs in different colours. Hopefully, I won't need to buy new slippers for us for the next 10 years. This is what Petunia calls shopping. Never mind if the whole world laughs. I bought enough white Giordano t-shirts 5 years ago to last 10 years... It's been 5 and the inventory looks healthy.

I wonder though... if in this instance, I have been penny-wise and pound foolish. How does one a family get through 14 pairs of slippers?


Blur Ting said...

Yah, like why would one need so many pairs of slippers?

I found a new pair of slippers in my cabinet the other day. I must have bought it years ago thinking the same thing but gosh, I forgot all about it. Now it is back in storage because I can only wear one pair at a time.

petunialee said...

Yup... DEFINITELY penny wise and pound foolish! Sigh!

Blur Ting said...

Well, maybe you wear them more than I do. And hey, you've got different coloured ones to match your clothes!

I wear mine out walking Rusty, so now I buy one that is an inch thick! I hope it will last twice or 3x as long as the normal ones!

petunialee said...

Platform slippers! Hahahaha!

The colours are for each of us. Silver is mine. Gold is The Daughter's. Green for Little Boy and Black for The Husband.