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Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting Creamed

I'm a big fan of Goodwood Park Hotel's western high tea. It has a delectable array of open-faced sandwiches. There are foie gras sandwiches, prawn and mango sanwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches with lumpfish caviar, chocolate fondu, chocolate cake and all sorts of other surprising small bites that I cannot name but I like to eat.

And the scones are heavenly. They're light and fluffy and just buttery enough... and I just pile on the clotted cream and the jam. Oh my... Just writing about them makes me hungry. Miam! Miam!

I dream about those scones, you know. And today, I decided to make my dreams come true. Petunia was gonna make them scones and Petunia was gonna make clotted cream too... because scones ain't no good without clotted cream.

I marched over to Cold Storage and was stumped. There was light cream, pure cream, thickened cream, pure cream, first cream (was there a second cream? I can't recall), sour cream, double cream... Gee... where was the heavy cream my recipe called for? Anyway, I was desperate enough to grab the closest synonym to heavy cream - thickened cream.

Tomorrow morning, I will wake up bright and early... forego the morning's 36 laps in the pool, and make sinful scones with clotted cream.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Show show pictures... :) I like scones with cream and jam.. yumz

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh yes, btw.. the best homemade scones we have made so far are the buttermilk scones.. See the picture at I can pass you the recipe if you are keen..