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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Countertop Sinks and Ugly Toilet Bowls

We went looking at bathroom fittings today. I saw a sink that I really liked but I was wondering about the practicalities of it. Would anyone know if there are any practical disadvantages to a countertop sink such as the above? Notice that the tap is fitted onto the countertop. Does that make repair and refitting harder? Do countertop sinks crack easier?

I also settled on a brand of toilet bowl that I want. It's called Claytan. I was sold on the idea that replacement parts for this brand can be easily bought at any corner hardware store since it is a brand that HDB uses in all its flats. This will make maintenance a breeze. Does a toilet bowl make a big difference to the look of a bathroom, you think? I have a sleek looking one right now that is all in one piece. I can't take it apart to change the foam risers and the pumps etc... and the parts have to be specially ordered from England. And every plumber tells me that he has to charge me more because its parts are more costly.

Claytan ain't much to look at but I reckon that in the long run, it'll save me a lot of money and headache. So... in general, do people think an ugly toilet bowl makes the whole bathroom ugly too?

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Blur Ting said...

I'm all for practicality.