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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Warm and Cosy Afternoon

You know it isn't true that one must refrain from meeting internet acquaintances. Sure enough, there are dangers but when approached with judicious caution, the internet can be a place to meet soulmates. Since The Husband will never see this the same way as I do, I neglected to tell him that I was meeting up with 3 ladies that I had met online. Shhhhhhhhh!

When you read someone's email or someone's blog or someone's comments on your blog, you go straight into the discovery of who they are and how they think. There is no distraction. There are no appearances to judge, no polite conversation, no fear of being poorly judged because the person who bothers to read your blog consistently... or respond lengthily to your email without ever having seen your face, has already accepted you outright. So when blog friends meet, there is no awkwardness. You skip all the initial phases of a friendship and get down to the business of being friends. So there we were, four women, most of us had never met each other... and the conversation did not lag at all.

It was warm and it was cosy.

I had a warm and cosy afternoon such that I have not had in a very long while... in the company of people that I have met only once, twice and three times. It was better than snuggling under the heated quilts in the cold of winter. Three internet acquaintances came by today. They came for high tea ostensibly, but mostly because they were kind enough to want to share with me their experience of house renovation. I learnt many many things today which I have written down in my notebook lest I forget. So you see, the internet is not just a faceless nameless way of sharing knowledge. You meet flesh and blood people with warm beating hearts and open faces who teach you things that are important to know at a time when you need to know it.

Timely information indeed!!

Many underestimate the power of an idea. But reality is always birthed twice and its first birthing is the idea of it. If you've not thought it, you cannot make it real. So I collected a little basket of ideas today from three people who reached out to me in cyberspace with warm fingers and tender hearts. Now it's my job to take my bundle of posies... oops... ideas, and tend them till they grow into a reality that I and my family can enjoy.

Thank you!!


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh... no.. Thank you! It was so nice of you to organise this tea today... I really enjoyed myself.. Meeting the other ladies, The Girl (such a pretty and fine young lady), Milo and your herbs was so nice! Not to mention the food. I really had a lovely time and would love to do this again! :)

Blur Ting said...

Indeed, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was quite reluctant to leave. It certainly was a warm and cozy afternoon with fabulous company and the food was great, so good I am going to make some apple crumble really soon!

Oh, you're gonna build a really lovely house, that I know.

Leah said...

Thank you for opening your home and the next are indeed a very warm person! And so are your two blog kakis whom I had fun chatting are so right, the conversations did not lag at all!

Still trying to recall where I met the Daughter...she is good-looking! I have a mental picture of talking to her somewhere...

Milo is a really sweet dog...he seemed so shy when all eyes were on him that he retreated to his kennel!