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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Unfair Life!!

I don't understand it. Milo adores The Husband in the same way our children used to do. I find it most unfair because The Husband almost never deigns to even look at Milo. He is always busy at something or other and his most common refrain to me these days is "My children are more important than the dog. If I have time, I would rather spend it with my children"... OR "Petunia, it's a DOG!" as if that is the excuse to end all excuses for neglecting a pet. Hmmmmph!

Yet, when evening falls and the smells of neighbours' cooking fill the air, Milo starts expectantly at the sound of jingling keys. At the familiar sound of The Husband's key in the lock is heard, Milo drops everything to go and sit at the gate of the Forbidden Area, tail slightly wagging. At the sound of The Husband's voice, the tail wags somewhat harder and when The Husband appears at the top of the staircase, the entire bottom gyrates at an impossible angle to the waistline... and the tail wags so fast that it looks about to lift the bottom half of Milo straight up into the air. Like a canine helicopter backside.

Now what has The Husband done to deserve such adoration? And what have I done to NOT deserve (at the very least) similar adoration? But nooooooooooooooo... both the children and our dog reserve their most exuberant welcomes for The Husband. In days gone past, I spent hours coaching The Daughter to say "Mama!" and I thought the odds were stacked in my favour because I had coached and coached and coached.... and also because the bi-labial nasal sound "Mmmm" is easier for babies to observe and imitate than the inter-dental "Dddd". But when it came to time for a first word with me going red in the face yelling "Mama!", The Daughter turned her head away from me and smiled at The Husband and said "Daaaaddy!".

Unfair! What charisma does The Husband possess for pets and children that I do not?!


Blur Ting said...

LOL helicopter backside. I like that!!

Is it becos you're the disciplinarian in the family? Now that you mention this, I often hear both my sister-in-laws grumbling about this similar unfairness in their household.

Rummi said...

Ol'Sigmund can explain Milo's behavior!

*need to release a round of giggles first*

At the Phallic stage of development now, Milo simply adoOored you-mummy! So much that he finds competition in daddy. However, he also fears that daddy will castrate him (castration anxiety) when he(daddy) finds out about his(milo) adoration for u... so he changed strategy by identifying himself with daddy so tat thru daddy, he find his way to u.

See, Freud says, Milo adores mummy most;)

Rummi said...

Adding on:

Sigmund Freud's Theory of Psychosexual development.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

"Like a canine helicopter backside." *rolling over with laughter*

I'm sure Milo adores you the best.

But Mr Husband is around the house much less so Milo has to wag a lot more for him during the "limited" time he sees him. Milo has the whole day to wag and hug you.. Wait til you go away for a short trip. Milo might really "take-off" with his wagging.. :)

petunialee said...

Ting - Yeah... I guess. The Husband is the good cop and he raises his eyebrow at me when the children (and dog) misbehave. It all starts on his end but no one knows. Sigh!

petunialee said...

Rummi - Hahahahahahahaha!

petunialee said...

OKC - Hmmmmm... we'll see how when we get back from our X'mas hols...