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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Teh Si or Milo

Milo is a bit of a misnomer for our hunk of a dog. Technically, he is the colour of teh si (tea with milk). As I drove home with our roly poly puppy one month ago, I actually did propose to Little Boy to name him Teh Si. Little Boy sniffed at the name and preferred Milo... so Milo he is even though he is the wrong colour.

There were other names we considered... Voyou, Sarsi, Budderball, MudBud or The Zohan (yes... yes... from the movie "You Don't Mess With The Zohan"). My personal favourite was The Zohan but I didn't insist because I knew I would be yelling out the name within earshot of conservative neighbours and they actually know who I am. You, my blog reader do not, and so my reputation is cloaked in a blanket of (ummm...) anonymity.

The Daughter leant towards "Voyou", a French word meaning "tramp", and it was the name of the dog I knew in France. Again, it is not a very respectable name but Voyou was the spitting image of the Tramp in the cartoon "Lady and the Tramp". So I suppose it is again up to a male of our family to uphold the family reputation for sobriety and propriety in choosing a sensible but still whimsical name of "Milo". Us girls (The Daughter and I) just want to have fun... and the names we choose always have a hint of mischief.

Oooooh! Mischief is a nice name for our dog!

But sigh... I still prefer Teh Si. Would it be too late to change names you think? After all, our doggie orphan has had no papers done yet except at the vet's... and for a bit of money, the vet would surely consent to discreetly effectuate an identity change for him... and the authorities wouldn't have to know. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


KT said...

I strongly disagree with what you said about Milo's looks. He might not qualify as a show dog but I see shades of Sean Connery in those folds in the forehead. And there's a bit of Denzel Washington as well. Oops.

There are two Japanese doggie movies that I like very much, Quill and Angels with Fur. Highly recommended if you haven't seen them already.

Serendipity said...

Don't you think Milo looks like a bull mastiff?

Think you don't have to change his name. If you're like some of us dog owners, over time you'll start calling your dog by many different names LOL.

My dog is called Happy but often than not I call her rascal and samseng (that's the local word here for ruffian). She responds to all. Except for Who-did-that, to which she'll go into hiding.

Thanks for dropping by to take a peek at my dog. Fluffy small dogs are a real challenge to care for.

Rummi said...

Teh Si is 'Latte' ? *wink*

petunialee said...

KT - Hahahahahahaha! Spot on! Denzel Washington and Sean Connery... the 2 most macho men in cinema.

I've never watched Japanese movies. I suppose we can rent them from the video store?

petunialee said...

Serendipity - I went and googled bull mastiff... Yup! I think so too. When he stands on fours, he has the wide torso too... Man! My dog is a hunk with machismo!

petunialee said...

Rummi - Latte says way cooler than Teh Si... Hmmmm... concept labels and definitions must match right... Latte colour how to match with milo?

Will ask the kids... The good thing is that there isn't a Latte truck like there is a Milo truck. But I'll bever be able to go to Starbucks with friends ever.

Rummi said...

Tat's how tea-latte looks like in starbucks. Is teh-si tea-latte at the first place?? Im not much of a kopi-shop girl:p

If it wasn't for The Family's objection, I still like 'Milo' best! The name brings up goodie-feelings of friendliness (share w best frens), get strong get healthy.

petunialee said...

Rummi - We all talked at dinner. The family seems to think that Latte is not as evocative as Milo... or Teh Si. Not very us. Latte is a branded tea from Starbucks... and Milo is a humble no brand dog (very likely an orphan/bastard to boot). Latte is kinda too classy a name... It's not very our family (coming from humble beginnings and all).

But thanks for the very good suggestion.

Blur Ting said...

I quite like Sarsi. But your dog may end up having nicknames. Rusty has many. We call him Poody and when I enter the door, I always call our Poody Woody and he would come running. The kids used to shout all kinds of names just to see if he would respond and indeed, he gets excited over any name!

Oh, and many kids call Rusty Milo when they see him because Milo is the name of the jack russell in the show Mask.

Rummi said...

*Tiny whisper: Yeah, Milo stays ;)*

Ren-Tse said...
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petunialee said...

Ting - Poody Woody is soooo cute! Reminds me of "puddy tat" in Sylvester the Cat.

Chee Hoew said...

We used to have a Doberman whose birth papers proclaimed him as "5 Star General... (something or other, I forget)". Try yelling that at feeding time. My brother wanted to call him "Duke" but my mother objected because it sounds like a Cantonese obscenity.

We settled for "Max".

petunialee said...

Chee Hoew - Cantonese obscenity? 5-Star General? Whoa! Hahahahahaha! Luckily we settled for something relatively more prosaic like Milo. It puts Milo is a whole new different light.