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Friday, July 24, 2009

Quack Flu Remedy

To begin, let me state that I am not a qualified herbalist. I am however, an old wife of sorts. So, I have a collection of old wives' remedies. Some of them are rather odd. This one here is very odd.

There is a standing instruction in our family that at the very first sign of an itchy throat or an itchy nose, I must be told. Thenceforth, the person becomes my patient (of sorts).

I will then get my unfortunate patient (of sorts) to lie down on the bed and tip his/her head up so that I can gain access to his/her nostrils. I then dip my cotton bud into the 15% tea tree oil solution, after which I dip it in a glass of water. I insert this water-cum-tea tree oil soaked cotton bud gently into my wild-eyed patient's nostrils. First one nostril, and then the other nostril, with a new clean cotton bud.

More often than not, this hapless member of my family will sit up violently, coughing and sneezing. His/her eyes will turn quite red and the nose will take on an interestingly pink tinge - like a Santa Claus with too much beer in him. This treatment is repeated 3 times a day for 3 days and the flu never quite gets a chance to take root before it is gone.

At least, that is what this old wife thinks...


Leah said...

If I were to be one of your kids, I would run away from you and hide under my bed at the first whiff of the tea tree oil!!!

But as a grown-up and someone who loves the smell of tea tree oil, I will try that on meself next time I do feel a cold/flu coming.

You do give a lot of useful information and tips...thanks!

petunialee said...

Heeeeee! Let me know if it works for you? Be careful not to burn the mucous linings in your nose with a too strong dose of tea tree oil, yeah... Do you have a blog too?

Blur Ting said...

I think for this to happen in my household, I must run around the house and wrestle with the boys (who are much bigger than me), tie them down and clamp the head to the bed. I think it is an impossible task.

petunialee said...

Blur Ting - Hahahahahahahahaha! I guess that's why God made kids smaller than parents!! Hahahahaha!

Leah said...

No, I don't have a blog although I have toyed with the idea of getting into blogosphere. I will let you know if I start one. At the moment, I am better at lurking at others' blogs than writing my own!

I started to read your blog when I found a link to it at GCS forum when I was researching on worm composting. Lucky me!