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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


After years of drinking dandelion tea from teabags, and pouncing on dandelion leaves like a hungry rabbit whenever 5-star hotels serve them as part of some swanky reception buffet, I have gone back to the simpler life. I have now begun to grow the weed. All thanks to a kind lady in Australia who grows them to eat. I have a whole mound of seeds, and must remember to give some to Prana whom I know has been pining for them.

I've started 16 hydroponic cups of dandelion, and I look forwards to harvesting seeds and leaves in 30 days. I hope and hope and hope that dandelion roots are not susceptible to root rot. Tomorrow, I will start 6 plants in a trough and we'll see how well those do. Dandelion leaves are bitter. They do well when paired with a sharp vinaigrette further sharpened with a Dijon mustard. I've placed the hydroponics kits in a sunny location of my apartment out of the rain.



Blur Ting said...

Thanks for the dandelion seeds! And the lovely lunch too!!

Ivana said...

Hey dear, have honestly been looking for the seeds, but strangely they're not to be found anywhere! Glad you got some though.
= )

petunialee said...

Ooooooooops! I forgot to tell you I got 'em already. Thanks so much for trying!! How's baby... the 2nd one, I mean.