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Saturday, May 23, 2009

GCS Party 2009

GCS Forummers had a party. It was a nice party. It's quite exciting to see up close and personal the people that one has learnt to like and respect online. There was the very humble but so very capable Ah Kee, who single-handedly enthused more than a hundred complete strangers to bring great food and share plants. There was Green Baron with a whole list of plants to give away, but unfortunately, none of them were for me. Sob! There was the generous and jolly Scatterseed (whose risque sense of humour makes me blush into my coffee when all alone with my laptop!) who shared with me her secrets to good gardening: home-made compost and worm tea. I am so motivated now to get my vermi-composting up and running. Worm tea... oh worm tea... I love thee.

And people look so different from what they sound. I am told that I should be bigger sized and more imposing - not the puny skinny thing that looks about to fly off when the wind blows. I had thought TALOS was a tall, dark and handsome fellow (because he was so brave a warrior on our forum) but well, he turned out a tad shorter but reasonably handsome, and yes... quite dark. Then I discovered that Bren Bren was a guy! I always thought it was short for Brenda. I have a friend called Brenda and I always call her Bren Bren. And I got to talk to KW something something about vermicomposting. Then, I had somehow got the idea that Petunias was a rotund somebody but she's this pretty thing... and while I had thought somehow that CrazyJellie was a small, dark and serious... she turned up with a smile that would light up the dark.

It was also nice to see faces I knew... Maggie (the Queen of nursery hopping + best hawker centre food), Sky, Faeryberry, Cubie, Rocky, Alan, Bluefly, Abby, Felicia, Looxie... and even Wilson, who must've felt guilty about not wanting to come by, so he came by anyway... haha!

There was lotsa laughter and chatter going on. People saying hello. Waving. Smiling. And boy, you shoulda seen the food! Two long tables groaning under the weight of the food, from panna cottas to meringues to curry to dong po pork with mantou, and even chwee kueh that came warm with its topping. Then there was chocolate pudding and an apple pie...... Hmmmmmm... I stuffed myself already but feel hungry just thinking about the two long tables.

Oh yes! I really must mention the special soft-centered Japanese eggs that Hanaabi and Apperceive brought. I had two of 'em!

Pity I had to leave early to put Little Boy to bed!!


Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you again too!

Blur Ting said...

wah, I'm missing out man! Too bad I only read the forum postings from time to time but am never active in there. I am completely clueless about the gathering!

Anonymous said...

Ting, maybe you should just join GCS, and we can really have a lot of fun. =)

petunialee said...

Oh yes... you missed something really fun. I had to go past your farm the day we went to buy chicken shit... That was a big noisy party too.

By the way, Pu Tien, here I come!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh... I missed the gathering! I haven't been visiting the forum too much recently! Sob!

petunialee said...

Yeah lor... I was looking for you and then looked into the attendance list too.

J.C. said...

It's so nice to read about the gathering of like-minded gardening enthusiasts! I wish we have a community here in Subang too so we can also gather, share and learn from each other. And of course, spread the joy that gardening brings!

petunialee said...

Come over to Singapore and visit! Shamrock does that every now and then... and she has a whale of a time!