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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fibonacci Series

At bible study last week, we learnt that to worship God using "dressed stones" is to dishonour Him. "Dressed stones" are defined as stones which have been reworked by man. I can understand why. It's because God's work is perfect, and no matter the skill of man, it cannot surpass the work of God.

Think about it. When you think breath-taking beauty, do you think of the Esplanade or the Twin Towers? These structures are imposing, no doubt, but they don't draw from you the gasp of admiration or quicken your heart beat. Think now instead of the sculptured profile of a young 16 year old girl, or the savage beauty of the Kalahari Desert, or the misty ranges surrounding Guilin, or the wild craggy handsomeness of the Scottish Highlands, or even the stunning perfection of a sleeping baby...

Indeed, I saw in a documentary that if you took measurements of beautiful faces, and perfectly formed shells, and the dimensions of a rose.... they would all, in one way or another exhibit measurements aligned to a specific mathematical formula called the Fibonacci series. It seems that the beauty that exists in nature may be consistently and mathematically defined. And then human beings are wired to respond to the physical expression of the Fibonacci series by thinking it beautiful. Check out this video

The Husband and I get into some discussion about how messy our garden is. He believes a gardener should prune and train... that the garden should have straight lines and clean edges. He aspires to the scuptured look of the Elizabethan garden. I believe that gardens, like children, should be kept healthy, fed good food and nice thoughts, and then left to grow in any direction they wish... and that would bring out the best in them.

So, my garden looks like this. Some of you will find it messy and others, my soulmates, will find it beautiful. Because when I woke up this morning to the soft light dawning on my garden, I was awed by the work God did to my little patch of sky property.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

I think your garden is nice.. looking forward to visit! I'm planning to redo my balcony after the visit to your place and World Farm (I must be the only GCS forummer who hasn't visited World Farm! haha!)

petunialee said...

Oh good... come by. We can go together. I wanna look at their Taiwan rosemary. It's 5 minutes drive from my place. Come for breakfast at Chong Pang city, they've got the yummiest Hong Kong chee cheong fun made fresh right there and upon order. Then there's Fassler nearby. You get cheap codsteaks, salmon steaks, sashimi octopus... all frozen and very cheap. Bring your own winter coat if you dun wanna use their questionnably clean ones, because you shop inside the freezer.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh... ok. I'm hoping to drop by next Wed... will get to drive then. haha! :) will PM u nearer to date. Fassler.. sounds good... will make sure I go by.. :)

Blur Ting said...

I like your garden! It looks something like mine except that you have an excellent view from the top floor whereas mine is on the 2nd floor.