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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chicken Poo

I am a finicky housekeeper. Everything in my apartment has to be just so. Even when my helper goes on holiday, I hunker down daily to mop the floor. The bathroom floors are sterilized with boiling hot water once a week, and are scrubbed everyday. Cockroaches know that my home is a danger zone for them and I tolerate just enough lizards to ensure that insect unmentionables inhabiting dark corners, are properly eaten up.

Enter chicken poo.

I have been eyeing a 25 kg bag of chicken poo the way my friends eye the latest pairs of Jimmy Choo. You want it really bad but are you ready for the costs?

So what will chicken poo cost me? Not much money evidently since by every account it is still a bag of shit. But the SMELL... oh... the SMELL! My garden is just outside my window, and being on the top floor, one experiences pleasant evening and morning breezes. For the present, these breezes are perfumed with jasmine and frangipani scents. I'm not sure I would enjoy bottom notes of flower scent completed by top notes of dung scent.

But when I look at my garden, it stares back at me with puppy dog eyes begging to be given a shit treat. So... I am torn between my finicky city self with dustbuster in hand, and my alter ego who revels in sweat and mud of gardening. And you know what, I don't think my finicky city self is gonna win this battle.


Blur Ting said...

Oh, the dilemma! But certainly your plants deserve a treat. One word of caution. Keep your unused chicken poo dry. Mine (a very small packet) got wet and by the time I got to it, there were small white maggots and my, it stank like crazy.

petunialee said...

Ok! Dry dry dry dry dry dry dry! Dry dry dry dry dry dry dry! You want some of the poo? I bought 25kg! I pass you some when you come by my place.

J.C. said...

Oh chicken poo...they make flowers bloom and glow with pride....but the smell is truly unbearable! I have that kind of dilemma too. And till now, I still resist buying it. I opt for goat dung instead. The smell is not so overpowering. I remembered using chicken poo on my canna...and god, every evening I came back to a house that smells like shit! No matter how beautiful my canna blooms, I just refuse to get near it. Ha ha ha...You can imagine that!

petunialee said...

Waaaaaah! That bad!? I'm starting to chicken outta my chicken shit order. I think I'll go down there and do a sniff sniff before I cart one home.

Blur Ting said...

Petunia - actually you may want to check it out first before bringing home. The dried composted ones are not too bad, when it is kept dry of course.