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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blur Ting's Farm Part II

I didn't expect to come home with soooooooo many goodies when I went to Blur Ting's farm. Like French farmers or perhaps farmers all over the the world, Blur Ting walks around her estate, plucks this, uproots that and with a nice happy shove puts all into one's arms. So, I have a whole bag of crispy green vegetables, one whole pot of composting worms, a pot of pandan, two dragonfruits, a pot of mulberry, two passion fruits, vegetable seeds of every sort and plenty of inspiration for my hydroponics garden. It feels so odd to experience this in Singapore, and to feel the sense of warm but restrained affection that one experiences when visiting French farms (as a friend, not a tourist), and then going home with a bag of potatoes, or a clutch of newly harvested carrots.

Inspired by her resourcefulness, I've also done up a DIY composting bin with an old styrofoam box that I've partitioned into 2 parts so that I can harvest one part whilst the wormies party it up in the other part. It costs a couple hundred dollars to buy a composting bin... a price I am not willing to pay. I hope my wormies will like their new home.

The house on the estate is an unpretentious spacious house with floor to ceiling windows in every room - even all the bedrooms. Then too, every bedroom has a double bed and still enough space for romping around with kids and dogs. The kitchen is spacious and easy to work in too. It really is funny how farmhouses always have big airy kitchens. Shouldn't all homes have big airy kitchens? What is a home without a properly large hearth? One gets a sense that farmers know the priorities in life.

At present, mine is a hovel, and for the kind of cooking that I do, I need to spill over into the dining room. MOST inconvenient!


Blur Ting said...

It was really such a pleasure to have you and your family over.i do love people who appreciate the rustic country life. With an appreciative and captive guest like you, I can't help but ply you with whatever you fancy. They're all natural stuff from the earth, something which only gardeners like you and me can never get enough of.

I hope the earthworms will produce enough compost to keep your edible plants healthy.

Once again, you're so charming and full of life and vitality. I wish more people can be like you!

And thanks for the cake!!

petunialee said...

The earthworms look real happy.

Blur Ting said...

Oh, they're smiling already? :-)